Harvest Festival 2016

The children brought their gifts of fruit and veg as usual but had something else up their sleeves!


We have started our new project which supports Mary’s meals, an organisation which supplies food to hungry children in the poorer parts of Africa. Part of their programme is supplying backpacks containing basic things like soap, toothpaste and brushes, but also tee shirts, shorts and skirts, flip flops and things for school.


These are then distributed to children with nothing.


Our Sunday School children have been collecting these items over the past weeks and had a great time sorting and packing the backpacks. On Harvest Sunday, as well as the frit and veg, they brought into the Church 14 colourful backpacks to be blessed before they went off to Malawi. Rev Chris Wallace led us in a prayer for the children who will be receiving them.



We are fortunate in having parents who support us and for providing so much. Thanks to all of you and also members of the congregation who quietly give too